Básica MínimaBásica Mínima


Santiago Roqueta, Equipo Santa & Cole. 1994 

An elementary lamp. A momentous expression of reduced size which champions a return to natural materials.

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The pocket edition of the Básica lamp expresses a more craftsman-like and familiar modernity.

The Básica Mínima combines solidity and lightness; a beige stitched cardboard shade and a wooden column supported by a bronze base with a small disc―as subtle as a whisper―that always ensures it stays balanced.
Because of its smaller size this table lamp is intended for uses where a smaller size or less intense light is required, such as bedside tables, shelves or isolated light points.
Santiago Roqueta

Santiago Roqueta

Barcelona, 1944 – 2005

Doctor in architecture, professor at the ETSAB, industrial designer, interior designer and artist when inspiration blessed him, Roqueta is an essential figure in order to understand the development of design in Catalonia.

Equipo Santa & Cole

Equipo Santa & Cole

Barcelona, 1985

Formed by the individuals who are co-workers in Santa & Cole’s editing department, and led by the editors, the Santa & Cole team is responsible for the design of the company’s own products. Shining examples of this include the Trípode G5 lamp (1997), the HeadLed system (2013), the Arne streetlamp (2013) along with the indoor model the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí System (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), among others.
  • Básica Mínima
  • Básica Mínima
  • Básica Mínima
  • Básica Mínima


Data Sheet
Birch wood column, beige parchment lampshade and bronze base.
Metal disc Ø 8.5 cm / 3.3".
Light sources
Light source not included.
Recommended light sources: LED bulb: 6 W
Other light sources: Max. 40 W
Input voltage : 100, 120, 230 Vac. (50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.
Bulb socket: E14 (Max. hgt. 85 mm / 3.3")




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