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Carme Pinós. 2007

A simple system of metal shelves to create invisible architecture solutions.

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The Noa shelving modules, each the same shape and size, with a slit behind them to allow cables to be placed, do not directly affix to the wall but are fixed together by means of a subtle connector in the shape of a small cube which attaches to the wall. With very few screws, a large shelving unit capable of supporting a heavy load can be assembled.
Carme Pinós

Carme Pinós

Barcelona, 1954

Carme Pinós graduated at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona in 1979. From 1982 on she formed a partnership with Enric Miralles, which ended in 1991. During this period the projects developed include the Igualada Cemetery Park, the Archery Range Buildings for the 1992 Olympic Games and the La Llauna School in Badalona. The work of Pinós-Miralles received awards on several occasions, counting the FAD prize for the La Llauna School and the Igualada Cemetery Park, as well as the City of Barcelona Prize for the Archery Range Buildings for the 1992 Olympic Games.


Data Sheet
Modular system.
20 cm / 7.9” deep white metallic structure.
Each shelf can bear a maximum load of 20kg.
The maximum load may vary depending on the type of wall it is fitted to.
Shelving unit weight: 5kg / 11lb.




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